Month: February 2020

Thoughts to help you (February)

The thoughts below summarize some of my learnings that could be valuable to you as a CEO. Working with many CEOs gives me an opportunity to see what makes them highly successful. Below, I’ve curated the best that I’ve read recently. Hope you find this helpful! One of My Favorite Quotes“The only thing worse than … Read more

When Being “Fair” Doesn’t Make Sense

Closeup of a personal agenda setting an important date written with pen. The words Quit job written on a white notebook to remind you an important appointment.

I’m a good guy. I like being known as “a good guy”. I’m fair and reasonable and want people to perform well for me because I treat them well. Sometimes that works. Many times it doesn’t. Sometimes you get lucky and you hire someone special. You hire a person who is better than everyone else. … Read more