4 Reasons Why You Might Need a CEO Coach

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You’re a CEO. You’ve reached a pinnacle of success in the business world. Why would you consider a CEO Coach

Scaling Your Business

In Business, There is No Single Pinnacle of Success – There is always a higher pinnacle to achieve. Maybe you successfully got a company off the ground. Now you need to scale it. And to scale it, you have to scale yourself. You have to improve who you are as a CEO. The CEO you are today isn’t going to be enough for the company you’re creating for tomorrow.

Maybe you successfully scaled a company. Now you need to take it to the next level. As you scale, you come to realize that scaling is a never-ending process. After you achieve that next level, there’s always another level.

Maybe you successfully got acquired or took the company public. Now you have new stakeholders to please. You may now be in charge of the division of the acquiring company. You may have public shareholders. These changes again require that you change to meet the needs of different constituencies.

Struggles with Happiness

Regardless of Where You Are, Many CEOs Aren’t Satisfied With How Their Life is Working Out – You may not like the job or at least big parts of the job. You used to have fun doing the one or two things you’re really good at. Now, you have to do a lot of things that you either aren’t very good at, or you simply don’t enjoy. It’s part of the job description, yet you don’t like the description of your job.

You may feel overwhelmed with the amount of work to get done. The list of things to do is virtually endless. Once you accomplish one set of goals, another set immediately takes its place. Sometimes it seems as if you’re not making any progress at all. 

You may feel enormous pressure to grow faster. This often comes from your board. Or it may come from expectations you have set for your employees. Or you may feel that growth is the only antidote to a competitive battle. Or you are wired to put pressure on yourself. Regardless of where it comes from, CEOs live with unrelenting pressure.

You may feel like you have no balance in your life. As you focus on growing the company, you may leave many things behind. How well are you taking care of yourself? When was the last time you really enjoyed yourself outside of work?

You may not have enough valuable personal relationships. Are your personal relationships growing? What would the people who are most important to you say about the depth of your relationship with them?

Improving Performance

No Matter Where You Are in Your Journey as a CEO, You Have an Opportunity to Improve Your Performance – You can improve the specific financial results of the company. Are you satisfied with your gross margins? EBITDA? The growth of your revenue? Do you know the right levers to pull to make the improvements you want?

You can improve the way you acquire and manage your talent. Talent acquisition and talent management are the most important parts of your job. What kind of investment have you made to ensure you have the best people, the right talent, and that everyone is performing at their highest level?

You can improve your job satisfaction by doing more of the work you truly love. The CEO’s job includes many things that just aren’t that fun. Do you have a plan to get you to a place where you are doing a lot more of what you love and a lot less of what you hate?

You can improve your health, your mindset, your relationships, and other things that just might be more important to your life. To achieve peak performance at work, you need to achieve peak performance in your life. By investing in yourself, you will perform at a higher level at work.

A CEO Coach will help you with all of these things. But that coach can only help you when you are ready to focus on improving yourself. 

Personal Growth

Why do the World’s Greatest Athletes All Have Coaches? Why Do All the Fortune 500 CEOs All Have Coaches? – Because they are committed to personal growth. To become better at anything requires that you become better as a person. It’s not just that you want to become better at (for example) driving to faster revenue growth. You need to personally grow to enable that to happen. 

Because they want to become even better. Even if you’re good, even if you’re great, you can become better. All peak performers recognize this and have coaching to help them reach peak performance.

Because they know coaching works. I was a CEO for 25 years and had a coach for 17 years. Why? Because it was a transformative experience. I watched myself improve again and again. Like compound interest, coaching kept paying dividends.

Because they want to leave their competition behind. You may feel pretty good about where you are right now, and someone out there is competing with you. They want your customers. They want your market share. They want your key employees. You can’t stop improving if you want to keep winning.

Because they know they have blind spots that only a coach can help them see. As smart as you are, as self-aware as you are, you can’t see everything. Most of our behaviors come from our past. A coach will question your behaviors and show you better ways of operating and different mindsets that will help you grow.

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