What Are the Key Challenges of Startup CEOs?

A young startup CEO commanding a meeting about the future of the company.

As a coach who has worked with numerous startup CEOs, I’ve witnessed the unique pressures of leading a new venture. The startup CEO role differs vastly from the chief executive leading an established company. Let’s explore the key challenges you’ll face as a startup CEO and how to navigate them effectively. The Multifaceted Role of … Read more

The Importance of CEO Succession Planning

A CEO shaking hands with the new CEO who will succeed him.

Many companies overlook or postpone CEO succession planning. Effective leadership transition is a must-have, regardless of your company’s size or industry. CEO succession planning identifies and develops potential future leaders for the chief executive role. It ensures organizational continuity, mitigates risks, and positions your company for sustained success. Let’s explore why you must prioritize CEO … Read more

Building a Strong Culture in a Remote Work Environment

A CEO speaking with his team through a video call meeting.

With remote work becoming the norm in the workplace, ensuring your team is engaged, motivated, and aligned with your company’s mission is essential. Building a strong culture is one way to accomplish that. The Benefits of Investing in a Remote Work Company Culture Investing in building a strong company culture that embraces a remote work … Read more

Communication Tips for CEOs: Delivering Bad News to Your Company and Employees

A CEO discussing bad news with his employeees.

As a CEO, one of the most challenging aspects of your role is delivering bad news. Whether you’re announcing layoffs, budget cuts, or project failures, how you communicate these difficult messages will significantly impact your organization’s morale, productivity, and future success. In this article, I will share my insights on the best ways to deliver … Read more

Top Priorities for New CEOs: Where to Begin?

A new CEO shaking hands with his new employees.

As you step into your new role as CEO, you’re probably experiencing a range of emotions – excitement, apprehension, and even fear. With many responsibilities and expectations, it can be overwhelming to determine where to focus your efforts first. As a seasoned CEO coach, I’ve successfully guided many leaders through this transition. In this article, … Read more

The 5 Most Common Mistakes CEOs Make When Scaling a Business

The 5 Most Common Mistakes CEOs Make When Scaling a Business Featured

Over my years as a CEO coach, I’ve been privileged to guide many CEOs through the complex process of scaling their companies. Through this experience, I’ve identified several common mistakes CEOs make when attempting to grow their businesses. In this article, I’ll share some of these insights with you and provide practical advice on how … Read more

The Top Issues CEOs Face: What CEOs Want to Know Now

The Top Issues CEOs Face Graphic

I coach CEOs every day. They ask me questions about their challenges and struggles. They ask about how to manage the enormous pressure they feel every day. When we address these issues together, we learn how to become better versions of ourselves. In this article, I’ll share the most common questions and challenges CEOs face … Read more

CEO’s Guide to Generative AI: Proactive Advice for 2024

CEOs and Generative AI Featured

Generative AI is a game-changer for business. I am helping business leaders like you understand the impact of emerging trends like generative AI.  In this discussion, we’ll review generative AI’s role in business, including practical steps to weave AI into your operations and measure its impact on performance. You’ll also gain insights into using generative … Read more

How to Terminate a Sales Leader – A CEO’s Guide

Terminating a Sales Leader Featured

When a CEO must terminate a sales leader, navigating the process can be complex and demands tact, foresight, and precision. Before firing a sales leader, you must meticulously review their performance and the potential impact their termination will have on the sales team. You also must develop a communications strategy that upholds their dignity and … Read more

Maximizing Employee Retention: Strategies Every CEO Should Know

Maximizing Employee Retention Strategies Every CEO Should Know Featured

As a CEO, you recognize the potential risks associated with high employee turnover and the importance of developing effective strategies to mitigate these risks. In this article, I will explore the key strategies you should implement to foster a loyal, engaged workforce and minimize employee retention risk. Understanding Employee Retention Risk Employee retention risk is … Read more