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“As a CEO, I built a board to provide me with guidance and governance on strategy, risk and growth. Glenn was a thoughtful contributor to the board discussions and I appreciated his counsel. For example, his knowledge of marketing strategies helped inform our go-to-market strategy.”

Ian Foley, CEO, acuteIQ

Board of Directors Experience

Glenn Gow is a former CEO and has been a board member of four companies. In his role as a Partner at Clear Ventures, he also coaches CEOs. His specialty is working as a board member to help guide companies through technology disruptions, especially AI. He has advised numerous leading tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, on strategy.

Presently, he serves as a Partner at Clear Ventures – a VC firm whose partners have produced 34 exits yielding $52 billion from 8 IPOs and 24 acquisitions. As a board observer for Clear Ventures portfolio companies, he is responsible for helping management teams accelerate growth by leveraging technology.

Glenn brings extensive technology domain expertise at the board level, helping companies take advantage of the digital transformations happening in their industries, with a special focus on AI.

Glenn is a respected thought leader on a variety of technology marketing and AI. His articles have been published in Fortune, CIO Magazine, Inc., and InfoWorld. He is a sought-after speaker on the topic of technology-enabled growth and has spoken at the National Association of Corporate Directors, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, Harvard Business School, Northern California Venture Capital Association.

Glenn also produced a popular podcast called Moneyball for Marketing (about data analytics) and, authored the book Revenue and the CMO – How Marketing Will Impact Revenue Through Big Data and Social Selling.

Glenn holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSBA in Quantitative Management from the University of Florida. Glenn advises Stanford Engineering and Computer Science students on digital transformation and business.

Glenn is an avid sportsman and adventurer including skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving, rock climbing, skydiving, kayaking, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, and surfing with friends and family.

Articles and short posts by Glenn

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The AI Threat: Winner-Takes-All

I'm not a very good poker player. (That's why my friends always invite me to play.) They like to play until the winner takes all of the winnings, which ultimately includes all my money. I'm OK with this because it's only a small game, and for me, it's worth the price...

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Deepfakes Are Bad – Deepfakes Are Good

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Environmental Sustainability and AI

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Some Good Thoughts for Board Members

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How AI Can Help In A Recession

This recession is deeper and more sudden than any other we have experienced. While we would all prefer this recession be a short one, that is currently unlikely. A deep and prolonged recession puts tremendous pressure on CEOs and Boards of all but the most fortunate...

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COVID-19 And Unemployment: The Robots Are Coming

Within the US, we are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases and the loss of permanent jobs. While the June employment numbers look very promising (the number of jobs increased by 4.8 million), they hide two important factors. The first is that these numbers came...

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Here are more details on Glenn’s board experience:

Former Chairman of the Board and CEO, Crimson Consulting Group

Glenn ran this highly successful strategy consulting firm, while serving as Chairman of the Board. The company helped Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle, SAP, Seagate, VMware and many start-ups become even more successful through strategic marketing consultation.

Member Board Of Directors, acuteIQ

As a board member, he advised the CEO on strategy, corporate structure, product roadmap, market adoption, and positioning. acuteIQ is a customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence and first-party data to deliver a 4X improvement in performance. The company was acquired.

Advisory Board Member,

As an advisory board member, he advised the CEO on the transition from a professional services firm to a subscription-based revenue company. is a company collects consumer data from celebrity fans to enable pinpoint targeting, resulting in massive improvement in revenue across multiple venues and channels. Company was acquired.

Member Board Of Directors, Ventra Systems

As a board member, he contributed to strategy, governance and compensation issues. Ventra is a revolutionary water processing system to remove toxins from groundwater. The company was acquired.

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"I help you figure out what you really want, and then get it."

- Glenn Gow

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