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AI Governance for Boards: Insights From the World Economic Forum

Article Originally Written for Directors&Boards  Agility and a Multistakeholder Approach are Essential for Success. Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing faster than our ability to govern it. Because AI presents unique risks, “normal” governance no longer applies, and boards will need to incorporate a different governance framework for AI. Findings from the work of The Global … Read more

Some Good Thoughts for Board Members

We can always benefit from some good thoughts. I’m sharing some with you, and hope you find them helpful. “When things aren’t going exactly to plan, pause (the key is to pause!) and ask yourself ‘How can I reframe this situation in a more optimistic, more useful, more powerful way?’ This question can change your … Read more

The FTC Discrimination Warning On AI—7 Expert Tips To Stay Out Of Trouble

With companies rapidly inculcating AI, it is natural to wonder whether the federal government will be able to formulate regulatory frameworks at the same pace. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently alerted companies of their legal framework to ensure truth, fairness and equity in developers and users of AI.

How AI Can Go Terribly Wrong: 5 Biases That Create Failure

Robot Hand Pointing to Headshot Image of Man on Black Table

AI is a game-changing technology for companies, but it can go terribly wrong. As AI-based systems become more critical to companies, we all need to understand the issue of bias in AI. The biases of AI can result in reputational risk, poor results and outright errors. This article will enable boards and senior executives to … Read more

Some Good Thoughts for Board Members

We can always benefit from some good thoughts. Here’s a summary of some books and articles I found particularly useful: