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How CEOs Can Scale a Company for Growth

How CEOs Can Scale a Company For Growth

Today we are going to talk about how to scale a company for growth. There are three main considerations for the CEO in thinking about how to scale a company. They are people, processes, and systems. I’ll tell you right off the bat that most CEOs I talk to don’t even like to talk about … Read more

6 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Team As the CEO

6 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Team as the CEO

Hire the Right People for Your Management Team and Develop Their Skill Sets How do you manage your team as the CEO of your company? First and foremost is talent acquisition. Secondly is talent development. What I mean by this is you want to hire people that you want to keep within the organization. And … Read more

Determine If Glenn Gow is the Right CEO Coach for you

To determine if I’m the right CEO Coach for you, ask yourself the following question: Are you trying to raise money? My CEOs have raised between $3 million and $150 million. My CEOs get higher valuations. Janice Raises Over $100 Million For Her Company  Darren Raises His First $3 Million  Do you wish you could … Read more

The Benefits of CEO Coaching

As a CEO, why should you consider a CEO Coach? Every great athlete has a coach. Every great CEO has a coach; you just don’t know about them. I had a CEO Coach for 17 years. Why do people at the top of their game have coaches? Because a coach will enable you to perform … Read more

How CEOs Can Change Their Way of Thinking to Improve Their Performance

How to Change Your Brain

Imagine someone close to you. It could be a family member or a co-worker or a friend.

Now imagine that you thought this person was going to do something, but they didn’t. It could be as mundane as not showing up on time, or not getting back to you when you expected, or bringing the wrong appetizer to your party. It could be a bigger issue.

Some Good Thoughts for CEOs

We can always benefit from some good thoughts. I’m sharing some with you, and hope you find them helpful.
“When things aren’t going exactly to plan, pause (the key is to pause!) and ask yourself ‘How can I reframe this situation in a more optimistic, more useful, more powerful way?’ This question can change your world.” — Glenn Gow