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CEO Coaching Benefits for Mental Health

CEO Coaching Benefits for Mental Health Blog Graphic

As a CEO, you will deal with many struggles. Underlying some of these struggles are the very way you deal with the challenges you face. These challenges are harder to overcome when they impact your mental health. It’s common for CEOs to struggle with mental health issues. You are not alone. Why Mental Health Matters … Read more

How Your Ego Might Harm Your Business

how your ego might harm your business

Ego can be a powerful force, both in business and in life. It can drive us to achieve great things but also trip us up and lead us astray. In business, ego can manifest itself in several ways. You may be the type of person who always needs to be right or who has to … Read more

10 Ways to Grow Your Stagnant Business

10 ways to grow your stagnant business

Defining a Stagnant Business Is your business stagnating? It’s not growing fast enough or revenue is declining? You’re concerned. You know that every company needs to evolve to survive. Your concern is that stagnation can lead to the slippery slope of decline. You need to take action when you recognize that your business is stagnant. … Read more

Every CEO Needs a Break; Here’s Why

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The life of a CEO is extremely demanding. I know. I was a CEO and now I coach CEOs. I see burnout with my CEOs and I’m going to share with you some approaches to relieve the stress you may feel. What Happens When a CEO Doesn’t Take a Break? First, you are more likely … Read more

Business vs. CEO Coaching, What’s the Difference?

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What is a Business Coach? Some people are looking for a business coach. Some are looking for a CEO coach. What is the best fit for you? A business coach aids businesses in improving their performance by identifying areas of improvement, establishing goals, and creating action plans to help the company reach their objectives. Business … Read more

Why You Should Step Back and Listen to Your Employees

Glenn Gow Thumbnail Why You Should Step Back and Listen to Your Employees

Sometimes, I coach CEOs who aren’t always open to listening to their employees. The CEO believes they know what they’re doing. The CEO just wants their employees to execute against the plan to the best of their abilities.  Sometimes, CEOs don’t want to hear from their employees at all because they are worried employees will … Read more

When to Re-Evaluate Your Business Strategies

When to Re-Evaluate Your Business Strategies

I was a CEO for 25 years. I had many great years and several bad years. When those bad years come along, it may be time to reevaluate your business strategy. The bad years were the hardest. I want to share with you the things I learned from my bad years so you don’t repeat … Read more

Why Being Self-Aware is Important For a CEO

Glenn Gow Being Self-Aware is Important for a CEO

All of us have various degrees of self-awareness. If you are the CEO, success for you requires a very high level of self-awareness.  It sometimes takes a while to become fully aware of who you are being and the impact it has on your performance – and the performance of the company. Once you start … Read more

Four Focus Areas to Enable New CEO Success

4 Focus Areas to Enable New CEO Success

Originally written for the National Association of Corporate Directors, CEO Coach Glenn Gow discusses four vital elements that will enable a new CEO to succeed when they join a company, including but not limited to: open communication, establishing realistic expectations, defining responsibilities, and building relationships. Check out the original article below!