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How to Manage Your Board of Directors as the CEO of a Company

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Dynamics Between a Board of Directors and a CEO Today, I’m going to talk about how to manage your board for CEOs. The dynamic between a CEO and the board is very interesting. Whether you’re in a private company or a public company, the CEO is beholden to the board. The board can hire and … Read more

The Importance of the Vision of a CEO for Their Companies

The Importance of Vision for CEOs

It’s the CEO’s responsibility to create a vision for a company. And the reason it’s important is that it’s a motivating factor for employees. For the current employees and for potential future employees.

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a CEO Coach

Definitive Guide to Choosing a CEO Coach

This is the definitive guide to choosing a CEO coach. Every great athlete in the world has a coach. In fact, here’s a little secret. Every great CEO has a coach as well.

Determine if Glenn Gow is the Right CEO Coach for You

To determine if I’m the right CEO Coach for you, ask yourself the following question: Are you trying to raise money? My CEOs have raised up to $150 million in a single round. How much would you like to raise? Janice Raises Over $100 Million For Her Company  Darren Raises His First $3 Million  Do … Read more

The Benefits of CEO Coaching

As a CEO, why should you consider a CEO Coach? Every great athlete has a coach. Every great CEO has a coach; you just don’t know about them. I had a CEO Coach for 17 years. Why do people at the top of their game have coaches? Because a coach will enable you to perform … Read more

6 Tips and Strategies on How to Become a Better CEO

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While there are endless ways to become a better CEO and improve yourself as an individual, six key points stood out during my 25 years of senior leadership. These six tips helped lead me to the highest levels of efficiency and success, including taking care of yourself first, becoming a better communicator, aligning company goals, and more.   

How CEOs Can Change Their Way of Thinking to Improve Their Performance

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Imagine someone close to you. It could be a family member or a co-worker or a friend.

Now imagine that you thought this person was going to do something, but they didn’t. It could be as mundane as not showing up on time, or not getting back to you when you expected, or bringing the wrong appetizer to your party. It could be a bigger issue.

Some Good Thoughts for CEOs

We can always benefit from some good thoughts. I’m sharing some with you, and hope you find them helpful.
“When things aren’t going exactly to plan, pause (the key is to pause!) and ask yourself ‘How can I reframe this situation in a more optimistic, more useful, more powerful way?’ This question can change your world.” — Glenn Gow