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AI Regulation is Coming to the EU. Here are Five Ways To Prepare

The European Union (EU) has established itself as the leader in regulating issues impacting EU companies and citizens. EU was the first to introduce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to address data privacy issues. It is now adopting a similar approach for AI regulation which will impact most, if not all businesses. Now the … Read more

The Top Five AI Trends in 2021: How to Prepare For AI Success

Top 5 AI Trends in 2021 - Artificial Intelligence Graphic

The strategic importance of AI is growing at an accelerating pace. Many companies are reaping the rewards of AI now and will increase their investments as a result. Every board member and every senior executive must understand the key trends in AI that will impact their businesses. Top 5 AI Trends 1. Increasing investments 2. Rapid response … Read more

Covid Has Changed How We Work. Are More Jobs at Risk from AI Implementation?

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the traditional work models for both employers and employees resulting in a hybrid work environment. This has been achieved by more and better automation and AI-based initiatives. Employers have recognized the opportunity to automate many jobs to a large degree to allowing them to work with a part-time or hybrid … Read more

How To Succeed With Enterprise AI: Buy Vs. Build

Buy Vs Build Signs on Blue Sky

Companies in every industry are expanding their efforts in AI. Companies are beginning to understand the strategic imperative to use AI to their advantage before their competitors do. (See “The AI Threat: Winner-Takes-All”). As a company leader, you need to address several critical questions: What is the best way to adopt AI within our company? … Read more

Some Good Thoughts for Board Members

We can always benefit from some good thoughts. Here’s a summary of some books and articles I found particularly useful: