Announcing the World’s First AI CEO Coach: Accessible, Free, and Tailored for CEOs

AI CEO Coach Graphic

Glenn Gow, an esteemed CEO Coach, Keynote Speaker on Artificial Intelligence, and seasoned Board Member, is proud to announce the launch of the groundbreaking AI CEO Coach. This innovative tool represents a significant leap in CEO coaching, offering a unique, AI-driven coaching experience, available 24/7 at no cost. As a former CEO with 25 years … Read more

Overcoming Founder’s Syndrome and Ensuring Long-Term Success for Your Startup

Founder Syndrome

There are endless challenges for entrepreneurs to overcome when starting and growing their businesses. A common hurdle faced by emerging ventures like startups is Founder’s Syndrome. This condition arises when a  company’s founder maintains the same level of control as the business moves from the start-up to the growth phase. This ultimately creates a wide … Read more

Mastering the Art of Negotiation as a Founder CEO

CEOs Standing on Puzzle Piece beginning negotiations

Imagine you’re at the epicenter of the tech industry, Silicon Valley. You are poised to secure a crucial partnership or investment that could catapult your startup into a new stratosphere of success. This is a watershed moment that can define the trajectory of your company.  As the founder CEO, how do you navigate these high-stakes … Read more

Strategies to Overcome Decision Fatigue as a Founder CEO

CEO Suffering from Decision Fatigue at Work

It’s not uncommon to hear that a highly experienced CEO, leading a successful company, suddenly makes an uncharacteristically poor decision. Why does this happen? More often than not, this isn’t a result of a lack of expertise or insight, but is the result of decision fatigue—a subtle yet powerful force that erodes their ability to … Read more

When Should You Hire a CEO Coach?

CEO Coach Talking to a Client

When it comes to running a successful business, the role of the CEO is, by far, the most important and impactful. The CEO is responsible for setting the company’s vision and driving the overall strategy, ensuring that each department works together harmoniously in order to reach key objectives and, ultimately, financial results. It is a … Read more

6 Tips and Strategies on How to Become a Better CEO

6 tips to Become a Better CEO: Tips For CEO by Glenn Gow with Glenn Gow Headshot

While there are endless ways to become a better CEO and improve yourself as an individual, six key points stood out during my 25 years of senior leadership. These six tips helped lead me to the highest levels of efficiency and success, including taking care of yourself first, becoming a better communicator, aligning company goals, and more.