More Thoughts for CEOs

What is Executive Coaching?

CEOs often feel overwhelmed and behind in getting everything done and getting it done well. That’s where executive coaching comes in. Executive coaching helps a CEO to identify and achieve their goals, both professional and personal. Through regular check-ins, goal setting, and feedback, the coach will help the CEO stay on track and achieve the … Read more

Is There a Difference Between CEO Coaching and Executive Coaching?

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CEOs often feel like they have way too much on their plate. Not only do they need to manage the day-to-day operations of their company, but they also need to maintain high levels of personal performance, keep up with industry trends, and manage a leadership team. This can be tough, which is why some CEOs … Read more

Executive Coaching for CEOs

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As a CEO, you face a wide range of pressures and demands. Executive coaching can provide invaluable guidance to help you maximize your performance. Executive coaching gives you direct access to an experienced coach (who, hopefully, has been a CEO before) who provides tailored support designed to address your individual strengths and weaknesses. Through this … Read more

When Should You Hire a CEO Coach?

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When it comes to running a successful business, the role of the CEO is, by far, the most important and impactful. The CEO is responsible for setting the company’s vision and driving the overall strategy, ensuring that each department works together harmoniously in order to reach key objectives and, ultimately, financial results. It is a … Read more

CEO Coaching vs. CEO Programs

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Are you trying to decide between one-on-one CEO coaching and a group CEO coaching program? Both are effective. Below are the critical factors to consider. One-on-one coaching and group programs are effective methods for helping CEOs improve their performance. One-on-one CEO coaching is focused only on you and your improvement. While group coaching will help … Read more

CEO Coaching Benefits for Mental Health

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As a CEO, you will deal with many struggles. Underlying some of these struggles are the very way you deal with the challenges you face. These challenges are harder to overcome when they impact your mental health. It’s common for CEOs to struggle with mental health issues. You are not alone. Why Mental Health Matters … Read more

How Your Ego Might Harm Your Business

how your ego might harm your business

Ego can be a powerful force, both in business and in life. It can drive us to achieve great things but also trip us up and lead us astray. In business, ego can manifest itself in several ways. You may be the type of person who always needs to be right or who has to … Read more

10 Ways to Grow Your Stagnant Business

10 ways to grow your stagnant business

Defining a Stagnant Business Is your business stagnating? It’s not growing fast enough or revenue is declining? You’re concerned. You know that every company needs to evolve to survive. Your concern is that stagnation can lead to the slippery slope of decline. You need to take action when you recognize that your business is stagnant. … Read more

Every CEO Needs a Break; Here’s Why

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The life of a CEO is extremely demanding. I know. I was a CEO and now I coach CEOs. I see burnout with my CEOs and I’m going to share with you some approaches to relieve the stress you may feel. What Happens When a CEO Doesn’t Take a Break? First, you are more likely … Read more

Business vs. CEO Coaching, What’s the Difference?

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What is a Business Coach? Some people are looking for a business coach. Some are looking for a CEO coach. What is the best fit for you? A business coach aids businesses in improving their performance by identifying areas of improvement, establishing goals, and creating action plans to help the company reach their objectives. Business … Read more