More Thoughts for CEOs

Some Good Thoughts for CEOs

The world has shifted under our feet. Some of us may have fallen, some of us already got up, and some of us are thriving. Which one are you? Part of the answer is your unique circumstances, part of the answer is a test of who you are as a CEO. Here are Some Good … Read more

The CEO’s guide to safely reopening the workplace

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This is a summary of an article that appeared in the MIT Technology Review. (see link below) One of the most significant implications of reopening economies across the world is that the onus of dealing with COVID-19 will be shifted from the public to private sectors. Considering the rapid pace at which it spreads; business … Read more

Some Good Thoughts for CEOs

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JOHN KRASINKI’S “SOME GOOD NEWS” I bow down to the king of “good”. If you haven’t checked out John Krasinski’s Some Good News, it’s a fun and uplifting Youtube show you shouldn’t miss. John is one of the  Characters from “The Office” and the hit show “Jack Ryan” on Amazon.  Summary: on Youtube, John brings … Read more

What a business leader should do about the Covid-19 virus

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 Mark Nevins has written a great article in Forbeas ddressing leadership challenges in context of COVID-19.  The reality of life post-COVID-19 has not fully sunk in yet, and its consequences for our businesses, organizations, economy, and society will play out over the rest of 2020 and beyond.  Right now, we really need sober, smart, values-driven, and focused leadership.  Remember … Read more

The Time for Leadership is Now

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We have lived through a global expansion that has lasted more than a decade. That is over. Many people don’t even recall what a recession looks like. Those that do were probably not in leadership positions when it happened.  What we will experience in the coming months is different. It’s important to take the reins … Read more

What to do NOW about the Covid-19 virus

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The coronavirus is going to impact your business. South Korea has had a massive spike in cases. One Korean car company shut down manufacturing due to an infected worker. Japan has closed schools for one month. When that happens at least one parent can’t go to work. We are going to see similar actions and … Read more

Thoughts to help you (February)

The thoughts below summarize some of my learnings that could be valuable to you as a CEO. Working with many CEOs gives me an opportunity to see what makes them highly successful. Below, I’ve curated the best that I’ve read recently. Hope you find this helpful! One of My Favorite Quotes“The only thing worse than … Read more

When Being “Fair” Doesn’t Make Sense

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I’m a good guy. I like being known as “a good guy”. I’m fair and reasonable and want people to perform well for me because I treat them well. Sometimes that works. Many times it doesn’t. Sometimes you get lucky and you hire someone special. You hire a person who is better than everyone else. … Read more

Thoughts to help you (November 2019)

Working on Boards and with CEOs gives me an opportunity to see what makes them highly successful. Below, I’ve curated the best that I’ve read recently. Hope you find this helpful!

A Dangerously Easy Way to Spend Too Much

I love growth. I love risk. However, I have not always carefully calibrated the risks I’ve taken to manage the costs associated with those risks.