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I was a CEO for 25 years. I’m going to make you more successful.


Coaching Services for Founder CEOs

The CEO role is a lonely one. When you’re a founder CEO, it’s even lonelier. Your team is small. The number of advisors you can turn to is small. The challenges you face are huge.

All great athletes have coaches. All great CEOs have coaches. All founder CEOs should have coaches. I was a founder and CEO, and I had a coach for 17 years. Now, you may not need one for as long as I did, but my coaching experience changed my life. I would not have gotten to where I am today without the coaching and leadership development I received.

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Chief Executive Officer Founders That Might Need a Coach

The founder CEO faces unique challenges. They often spend a huge amount of time fundraising. They discover that fundraising is more challenging than they realized. Even if they’re successful raising money, they discover that it’s only one step in the fundraising process, a process that will repeat itself many times over.

The founder CEO has tremendous skills one on one or two functional areas. They might be great at engineering or product management, or sales. These skills are critical when getting the company off the ground.

In fact, co-founders are often chosen because they have complementary skills. When starting a company, a small number of people can cover most of the most important functions.

Very quickly, though, the skills of the founding team and especially the skills of the founder CEO are no longer sufficient. The minute a company starts to scale, those original skill areas of the CEO become less important than they were.

Why? Because a founder CEO needs a new set of skills to help them scale. Let’s say you are a founder CEO, and you have great engineering skills. The minute you start scaling, those engineering skills need to be augmented with other skills like management, fundraising, leadership, recruiting, and much more.

The number one reason founder CEOs get fired is they can’t scale the company. The reason they can’t scale the company is that they can’t scale THEMSELVES. For a CEO to scale themselves, they must acquire many new skills.

My job is to help founding CEOs identify the new skills they need and teach them those skills.

Qualifications for a Founder CEO Coach

I was a founder CEO.

I had a coach teach me the skills I needed to scale.

I coached founder CEOs when I was in venture capital. I helped them scale their businesses, and I helped them scale themselves.

I continue to coach founder CEOs today.

Navigating the Unique Business Challenges of Being a Founder CEO

I understand the unique challenges founder CEOs face and help them identify and successfully improve their skills to deal with those unique challenges.

Every founder CEO faces similar challenges. That helps me quickly identify the obstacles to growth founder CEOs encounter. Even better, I have seen virtually all the issues a founder CEO faces and have helped them successfully navigate themselves to success.

I’ve seen the movie before. Because I’ve seen the movie before, I can predict what is going to happen should they continue down a particular path. I will steer them away from that path.

In addition, I love sharing best practices with my other CEOs. While I never reveal who my clients are, when I see them doing something that really works, I share that best practice with every relevant CEO.

I’ve made most of the mistakes a founder CEO can make.

You want to stand on my shoulders and avoid all my expensive mistakes. I will help you avoid them.

Executive Coaching Process

When I am coaching a founder CEO, the process is quite simple. We just get on a call and start dealing with the issues that come up.

Very quickly, I will help the CEO determine what is important. Because CEOs have so much on their plate, it’s often difficult to distinguish between what’s most important and what is less important, especially at the moment.

At the moment, the issue that has upset or excited the CEO is what they want to discuss the most. My job is to listen and determine whether or not that particular issue is something we should spend time on or not.

Once we get clear on the most important things, we will “go deep” on those issues to deal with them in our working session together.

When we go deep on the most important issues, we make huge progress.


Coaching Testimonials

“I consider myself a successful founder CEO, and I never thought I needed an executive coach. I work with Glenn because I’m ambitious and want to get even better. Working with him is like getting compound interest — I get better every time we talk. He helps me improve in a lot of areas. He helped me find balance between my work and home life which helped me find harmony in life. Glenn has helped me become a better leader and I have seen a great improvement in different areas in our organization from revenue to culture. I credit a lot of my success in navigating challenging times in my career to him. The only regret I have is never having found Glenn when I was starting my company.”

– Allan Njoroge, founder, and CEO, Actriv Healthcare

Benefits of Working with Glenn

If you’re a founder CEO – what’s in it for you to work with a CEO coach?

Your chances of creating a successful company go way up.

You are much more likely to STAY as the CEO as the company grows.

You will grow as a person, enabling you to grow as a CEO.

You will pick up many new skills that will serve you well in this job, future jobs, and overall life.

You will feel less pressure on your journey to success.

You will learn how to create balance. You will learn that a balanced life actually improves your personal performance.

You will enjoy your job a lot more!

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