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Coaching Services for Startup CEOs

A CEO Coach is a person who can help you achieve at a higher level. They are a person who has been a Chief Executive Officer and has coached many others. This enables them to help you because they’ve seen the movie before.

They’ve made countless mistakes and will help you avoid those mistakes. They’ve had many successes and know what success looks like. They will guide you toward faster, more significant success.

It helps a lot if they’ve been in a startup before. It helps even more if they’ve coached many startup CEOs & founders.

A great CEO Coach will help you see the things you can’t see hindering your growth. Every top performer has things that are hindering their success. Every athlete. Every Fortune 500 CEO.

Top-performing startup CEOs have coaches because a coach’s job is to help you achieve peak performance.

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Why Startup CEOs Should Work with a Coach

Every CEO should have a coach. New CEOs can benefit from a startup coach even more than other CEOs.

When you step into the role of a founder or startup CEO, you are facing so many learning curves that it’s hard to keep track.

You have to raise money again and again. From different investors. With different requirements. You may spend as much as 30% of your time managing investors. You have to not only be effective but will need to be efficient as well.

You have to build a world-class team — a team that knows how to grow a world-class team. You may have to swap out people who can’t grow their capabilities to meet the needs of a larger company. You will need to teach your leadership team how you think.

You have to search for and find product-market fit. Product-market fit exists to some extent in most companies. You need to build on this until customers want to rip the product out of your hands. This will take many iterations – all of the learning experiences.

You will have people on the team who need to go. They may have evolved into a problem, or maybe they were always a problem you didn’t want to deal with, or maybe the company out-grew them. In any case, your job will be to terminate them.

You will face crises from time to time. A key employee will leave. A company fundraising may fail. A significant customer may leave. Each time you face a crisis, you will feel alone just at the time you’ll need to have someone to turn to.

You will doubt yourself. You may feel like you’re in over your head. You will be encountering many things you don’t fully understand. In some cases, you won’t even know what you don’t know.

A great CEO Coach will help you through all the learning curves you face and will help you come up with those curves faster than you would on your own.

How Startups Can Go Wrong Fast

In startups, every decision you make is critical to the company’s success. Some decisions may look not all that critical at the moment but can turn out catastrophic.

For example, you may need funding when raising money, so you overlook what your intuition tells you about the source’s trustworthiness. Many startup CEOs have lost their jobs when they thought they were in charge. The investors hold much more power over you than appears on the surface. Are you making the right decision getting into bed with them?

Another example is talent acquisition. Hiring the right people is the CEO’s most important job. But what constitutes the right people at your particular stage of growth? Are these the right people to take you to the next level, or do they look perfect for today’s company? Hiring the wrong people can take you from success to failure quickly.

Experience that Makes Glenn Gow the Ideal Startup Coach

I was a CEO for 25 years. My company did extremely well, and I had to live through a roller coaster ride. Sometimes the challenges seemed insurmountable, but somehow I always got through them to another growth phase.

During that time, I had a CEO Coach for 17 years. My coach was like compound interest. I kept getting better and better as time went on. What was difficult for me at first became much easier as time went on.

I learned about all the operational aspects of running a successful business, and I learned how to become a great CEO — becoming a great CEO means understanding how the CEO thinks, how the CEO communicates, how the CEO makes decisions, and how the CEO leads.

Each of us brings certain strengths and weaknesses to the role. You need to understand what part of you is serving you well, which parts are not and how to change these to continually become a better CEO.

The critical factor for me was that I leaned into learning. I realized that in spite of my Harvard MBA, I knew nothing about the mind of the CEO. I was hungry for continual improvement and having a great CEO Coach gave me that.

Everyone Should Look Up to Someone and Learn From Their Experiences

Imagine you are one of the best athletes in the world in a sport. You are at the top of your game.

Or, imagine you are one of the best actors in the world. Everyone wants you to be in their movie.

Or, imagine you are one of the best CEOs in the world. You are playing the game to win and things are going well.

What’s common across the people who are at the peak in performance is that they all have coaches. They have coaches today not because they aren’t already great at what they do. They have coaches because they know a coach helps them become even better.

The other thing they have in common is that they all want to become even better than they are today. They all want to achieve peak performance.

I had a coach for 17 years while I was a CEO. It was an amazing experience that helped me become who I am today. I took that learning from my coach and first applied it to success in my business. Then I turned that learning and applied it to my coaching of CEOs while in venture capital.

Coaching Testimonials

Accolades From My CEO Clients

● “I feel I have superpower eyesight with you in my corner.” – Michael Kadisha, CEO, Treedom

● “Every coaching session with Glenn has been extremely valuable.” – Jeff Strnad, CEO, DOOR USA

● “Glenn is definitely world-class.” – Albert Navarro, CEO, MetricLock

Personally, I get incredible satisfaction from watching my CEO clients grow and improve. That’s why I do what I do. The key to significant growth is being coachable. Being coachable means doing what your coach asks you to do, especially when it’s uncomfortable for you.

It’s in these areas of discomfort that your greatest learnings will occur.

When you become coachable, we really start moving the needle. You get continually better, and the company’s performance improves along with your personal improvement.

Receiving great coaching is one of the keys to success.

Glenn Gow’s Coaching Program

A CEO’s success is very personal to me. I do this work because I love it. But I only love it when I am helping a CEO get better and better as a CEO.

I am committed to the success of my CEOs. I only win when they win.

Glenn deeply cares about our success. – Srinivas Akella, former CEO of Wootcloud

One of the things many of my CEOs like when working with me is that they don’t need to prepare for meetings. (Of course, you can if you like.) Most CEOs like to “come in hot” with whatever the most important issue of the day is.

What that means to you is that we will dive into the issue that will help you the most at the moment.

When we do that, I will make sure that we are dealing with the most important issue to you and the success of the company. I will help strip away the things that get in the way of success so together we can work on the most critical issues.

When we work together, you will feel the difference in yourself. You will grow, and the company will grow beyond what you thought was possible.

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