Determine If Glenn Gow is the Right CEO Coach for you

To determine if I’m the right CEO Coach for you, ask yourself the following question:

Are you trying to raise money? My CEOs have raised between $3 million and $150 million. My CEOs get higher valuations.

Janice Raises Over $100 Million For Her Company 

Darren Raises His First $3 Million 

Do you wish you could scale faster? Many of my CEOs are growing > 100% and anticipate continuing that growth rate for a while. My CEOs are continually tweaking the plan to enable rapid growth to continue unabated.

Meilin Creates A Scaling Organization

Are you overwhelmed with the massive responsibilities of a CEO? My CEOs are focused on delegation, talent development, and balance. My CEOs learn how to get more done in less time.

Sean Gets It All Done

Do you have someone on the leadership team that’s difficult to manage? Most CEOs do. My CEOs rapidly deal with difficult individuals. Sometimes they terminate them, and sometimes they keep them. My CEOs determine the right thing to do quickly.

Viraj Fires His “Best” Employee

Are you still refining your product-market fit? Many CEOs know they haven’t perfected this, and it’s holding back their growth. My CEOs speed up this process and make the hard product decisions to match the needs of the right markets.

Olivia Finds Product-Market Fit

Do you report to a board of directors? Many CEOs are beholden to the desires of the board and struggle with their board relationships. My CEOs build close relationships with board members to get the most value from these critical stakeholders. 

Wilson Turns The Board Around

Do you ever have to deal with a crisis? When a problem occurs, my CEOs turn to me for advice “in the moment.” My CEOs create a quick triage plan and begin to execute immediately.

Darius Solved His Crisis