How Connecting with a Mentor Will Benefit a New CEO

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A mentor is someone who has knowledge and experience you can benefit from. A mentor is there to be someone who wants to help you. They are someone who advises you on your most likely path to success in all different paths of life.

A new CEO has many, many learning curves to climb. Not only that, but those learning curves are steep. A new CEO needs people to not only help them learn how to climb those curves but do so more quickly, and connecting with an experienced and trusted mentor will do exactly that. 

Mentor Definition

CEO Mentoring vs CEO Coaching

Most of my CEO coaching clients have mentors, which means they are getting advice from multiple angles. That’s how they gain leverage in their career path. And they also have me, their CEO Coach.

The reason they have both a mentor and a CEO Coach is that the mentor doesn’t have the capabilities to drill into every critical issue a CEO faces. The mentor can be very helpful for certain moments, but the mentor can’t always be there, nor can they understand what you are experiencing.

The mentor can be helpful from their unique perspective, but not the perspective of many CEOs. Only someone who has been both a CEO and has coached many CEOs can provide the perspective that is most valuable to a CEO.

In my relationships with my CEO clients, we delve deeply into the most consequential issues and challenges facing the CEO. I get to know them and their business extremely well. The top-performing CEOs share their biggest apprehensions with me, which enables me to help them with their biggest challenges.

When they open up and share their most significant issues, we can make immense progress. We can get to the core of the issues and deal with them by creating permanent change in the CEO themselves. 

How Can a CEO Coach Help with Behavioral Fixes?

Not all of their concerns are quick fixes. Many of them are about creating behavior change in themselves and in their teams. Behavior change takes time. I invest the time with the CEO to create the changes that will make the most difference. 

For example, many CEOs like to interact with their direct reports in the same way. Most CEOs operate in a way that works for them. What I teach CEOs is that for them to get the most out of their teams, they need to operate in a way that works for the direct report. 

I call this being the chameleon

Each of your direct reports processes information differently. Some may prefer auditory, some may prefer visual. Some may only need to hear something once. Some may need things repeated before they fully understand it. Some may need to write things down. Some may need to repeat it back before it sinks in.

Teaching CEOs how to be a chameleon takes a lot of time. I need to work with them closely over a period of time. Why? Because we are changing the CEO’s behavior … and that takes time. We invest this time together because it makes a huge difference in the performance of their team.

A CEO Coach will invest the time with you to help you through the behavior changes required for your success. When I was a CEO, I had a CEO Coach for 17 years. Why? Because we identified many areas of behavior change I wanted to go through. I was on a continual learning cycle that was like compound interest. I kept getting better and better!

How Each Perspective is Beneficial for a New CEO

Mentors are valuable to CEOs, but they can’t invest the time to make significant change happen. CEOs can benefit from mentors, but mentors play a different role. They can see things from a 30,000-foot level and advise from there. Mentors can provide a perspective that helps in your decision-making. They can be part of your information gathering when facing an important decision. 

A CEO Coach is there to help you take all the information available to you about a decision and make the right decision. You may have input from customers, your team, the board, and your mentor. I am here to help you make the right decision after we have processed all the valuable input you received.

My most successful CEOs have had mentors in the past and some of them still have mentors. My CEO clients connect with them periodically to gather information. Then they turn to me to pull together all the information so I can advise them on what path to take. 

Glenn Gow, CEO Coach & Advocator for CEO Mentors

Whether you have a mentor or not, get a coach. It was a life-changing experience for me and it can be for you too.

Let’s talk. Let’s do a working session together so you can get a feel for how this works. Worst case, you’ll get real work done within our hour together. Best case, you’ll want to do this kind of work every week. Schedule a chat with me at