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It’s lonely at the top! I know because I was a CEO for 25 years. The CEO can’t talk to their board of directors, they can’t talk to their management team and they usually can’t talk to their spouse, but every CEO needs someone to talk to. That person is me. 

If you know of a CEO who wants to be more successful and happier, have them talk to me — I can help.

A great coach makes you do things you don’t want to do, so you get what you want.

– Glenn Gow

How it works

The most important thing for you is to connect with your coach. Ask yourself, can this person help me become even better as a CEO and a person?

The easiest way to see if you connect is to schedule a call. 

When Glenn works with you, he will help identify the core issues that are holding you back and then address them so you improve (you can’t always get rid of them.)


Here are some success stories to give you a sense of the results you might see.

(If it is possible, when someone clicks on a link below, the text of the whole story (see further down) will open up. Pls see if that’s possible – you may need to get Jason’s help.)

Darren raises $3 million for his company

Mary takes a vacation 

Larry’s company lives to fight another day

Bill saves his engagement

Allison wins over the board

A great coach helps you see what you can’t see, and pushes you, so you get the results you want

– Glenn Gow

make an appointment

Lets decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

“Glenn’s coaching has made a huge difference in how quickly and confidently we’ve been able to grow.

Rick Jones, CEO WorkReels
Rick Jones, CEO

“Glenn is definitely world-class.”

Albert Navarro, CEO, MetricLock
Albert Navarro,

“Glenn proved his value in every coaching session.”

Olin Hyde, former CEO, LeadCrunch
Olin Hyde,

“It has been very valuable working with you!”

Cynthia Tusan, CEO, Idea Lab
Cynthia Tusan,

“I credit a lot of my success in navigating challenging times to Glenn.”

Allan Njoroge, CEO, Actriv Healthcare
Allan Njoroge,

"I help you figure out what you really want, and then get it."

- Glenn Gow

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