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I was a CEO for 25 years. For 20 of those years, I had a business coach. It was the best investment I ever made. Now I coach the CEOs of the companies my venture capital firm has invested in, and CEOs of other companies as well.

A great coach makes you do things you don’t want to do, so you get what you want.

– Glenn Gow

How it works

Together, we determine where you can get the most value out of a coaching relationship. Based on a mutual understanding and agreement on what you want to work on, we’ll get started. I work on retainer, which means I will set aside a certain number of hours for you each month to ensure I’m available to you.

I have found that clients fall into two types: mostly ad hoc or mostly structured. We will determine what works best for you.

  • If you are mostly ad hoc, you can bring whatever issue it is that you’re currently facing to our meetings, and we’ll deal with them then and there.
  • If you are mostly structured, I’ll take you through the CEO Success Program.
  • If you’d like, we can engage in a hybrid of both.

What is the CEO Success Program?

I lead you through a process which is what I used to grow my company more than 100%, to become a multi-millionaire and to live a very happy, balanced life.

This process has 5 steps:

  •  We will collect the most important information about your company (and we’ll get identify the key numbers you’re not looking at today). We will bring together all the critical metrics about where you are today and rate yourself against each area.
  • We will collect the most important information about YOU (and be honest with yourself when you do it). We’ll look at the aspects of your life you don’t spend enough cycles on: family, relationships, spiritual, health, fun, personal finance, – whatever they are and we’ll force ourselves to stare at the truth.
  • We will ruthlessly prioritize your goals. You will have too many things you want to get done. (That’s how CEOs think!) We’ll determine the very few you will truly focus on.
  • We will create a plan to achieve these goals. What are the key steps and who are the key people that can get you there? The plan will be comprehensive, and will acknowledge and the strengths and weaknesses we’ve uncovered and will give you the pathway to achieving the most important things.
  • You will execute on those goals. You will learn every day what is working and what is not working and learn from those things to get better and better at execution. I will coach you through the steps of execution and help you become a better CEO.

A great coach helps you see what you can’t see, and pushes you, so you get the results you want

– Glenn Gow

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Lets decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

Every coaching session we had with Glenn was extremely valuable. He can see the big picture and help you understand the best way forward. Very highly recommended! 

Jeff Strnad, CEO Door USA
Jeff Strnad, CEO

Glenn deeply cares about our success and has been an outstanding source of advice and support, for me personally, and for WootCloud.

Srinivas Akella, Former CEO Wootcloud
Srinivas Akella, Former CEO

Glenn’s mentoring has been instrumental in my transition from being a C-suite ‘Intra-preneur’ to an entrepreneur building a global tech business.

Sally Sfeir-Tait RegulAltion
Sally Sfeir-Tait

I count Glenn as a mentor and if you are looking for great advice, to improve your skills, your business, then I would listen to him.

Matt Storms, CEO Matt Storms
Matt Storms, CEO

I had been a CEO before, so I understand many of the challenges CEOs face. Glenn provided me with new insights and recommendations that have helped me and the company tremendously.

Simon Law, CEO LoginID
Simon Law, CEO

"I help you figure out what you really want, and then get it."

- Glenn Gow

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  • Board Director
  • Speaker

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