We can always benefit from some good thoughts. I’m sharing some with you, and hope you find them helpful.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Here’s a summary of some powerful sources of information you may find beneficial.


Three articles I have written for you:

PEAK MIND: Find your focus, own your attention, invest 12 minutes a day by Amishi Jha (book)

I am thoroughly convinced that if you are feeling anxiety, or if you know you are not performing at your best, meditation can help. I have meditated for many years and it has had a transformative impact on how I feel and how I perform.

When I talk to my CEOs and fellow directors about the value of meditation, they often resist due to the perceived time investment. While longer can be better for some people, this book highlights how to get significant value out of meditating only 12 minutes per day.

GOVERNANCE IN THE DIGITAL AGE: A Guide for the Modern Corporate Board Director by Brian Stafford and Dottie Schindlinger (book)

My expertise is on AI at the Board Level. In this book, the authors look at digital disruptions of all types. Board members will walk away with a better understanding of the implications of technological change on board service.


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