Some Good Thoughts for CEOs


I bow down to the king of “good”. If you haven’t checked out John Krasinski’s Some Good News, it’s a fun and uplifting Youtube show you shouldn’t miss. John is one of the 

Characters from “The Office” and the hit show “Jack Ryan” on Amazon. 

Summary: on Youtube, John brings on regular people and big stars to entertain us in this new reality. He focuses on the “good news” and does an excellent job of making us make the best of a bad situation. His shows are short and help you walk away feeling good about our situation.


I am a huge believer in gratitude and focusing on what we have and not on what we don’t have. I highly recommend the book The Resilience Project. The author tells memorable stories to help you make this a daily practice. Just what we need right now. 

Summary: every day, notice the things you have – really pay attention to them and don’t pay attention to anything else while you do. Paying attention to them redirects your brain to positive thoughts and doesn’t leave room for negative focus. Then, every day write down the things you are grateful for just before you go to sleep. It can work wonders for your mental health and make you much more productive in your work.


Every crisis holds the seeds of opportunity. What kind of CEO are you going to be?

Summary: this article discovered three different types of CEOs:

  • Fear-Focused – the most emotional, most concerned and most overwhelmed,

  • Unfocused – the one still uncertain on what to do, playing wait and see, and the most dismissive,

  • Strategy-Focused – the most focused on taking what’s given and using it and is still focused on growth / opportunity.

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