Strategies to Stem the Effect of Covid-19 On Your Culture and Your Business

This is a summary of the Forbes article ‘Strategies To Stem The Effect Of Covid-19 On Your Culture And Your Business.’

  • 2020 has been a curveball for young and old alike and has impacted all areas of our lives. 
  • The impact of COVID-19 on business culture cannot be undermined. Employees across the globe have had to adapt to new processes. 
  • A measure of success for most businesses will be how well the culture survives or thrives in these circumstances. 
    • Companies cultures have been impacted by: 
      • COVID-19 
      • the prevalent work from home culture which is a change for most businesses 
      • A volatile political landscape 
      • Demonstration and protests across the country  
      • A constant barrage of news along with a disconnect because of COVID-19 health protocols 
  • Culture can create a lack of clarity in these areas: 
    • Expectations 
    • Systems 
    • Accountability 
    • Training and 
    • Core Values 
  • Focusing on defining and communicating clear strategies in these areas will ensure your success. 
    • You cannot overcommunicate in difficult times. All employees want to contribute to the organization in a meaningful manner. Clear expectations for the team members help in achieving their goals. 
  • Unlike popular belief, clarity is not the same as micromanaging. Clarity will eliminate the time and effort wasted because of unclear goals and expectations. It is even more important for businesses that have remote employees. 
  • Leaders can make clarity and communication a competitive advantage for their businesses, especially in the current landscape. 

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