The Scary Truth Behind The FBI Warning: Deepfake Fraud Is Here And It’s Serious-We Are Not Prepared

FBI has recently issued a warning for deepfake content to be used in cyber and foreign attacks within the coming months. A deepfake is a video made by AI deep database that accurately imitates people’s movements and voice. Businesses are usually enemies first target. The FBI warning clarified that that businesses will be targeted by a new cyber vector ‘Business Identity Compromise (BIC).’  

BIC involves using malware to gain access to a computer or mobile device without the owner’s consent. You are most susceptible to BIC if you;  

  • Are involved in online banking or other financial transactions  
  • Manage an online community 
  • Have a social media-based business 

Following are some steps to protect your business: 

  • Improve awareness about the risks in senior management and employees
  • Train employees to identify and report attempts of social engineering, spear-phishing, and other suspicious activity
  • Always try to validate personal identity from multiple sources 
  • Have a confirmation process before divulging sensitive information 
  • Build a business continuity plan for when the company is targeted.

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