Thoughts to help you (November 2019)

Working on Boards and with CEOs gives me an opportunity to see what makes them highly successful. Below, I’ve curated the best that I’ve read recently. Hope you find this helpful!

One of My Favorite Quotes

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Glenn Gow speaking NACD Summit 2019
NACD’s Global Board Leaders’ Summit, the largest and most influential director forum in the world, attracts more than 1,800 attendees from across the globe. The Summit is where the greatest minds in governance convene to take on the most important issues facing today’s boardrooms and collectively discover the future of exemplary board leadership.

One of My Favorite Talks

My Talk from the National Assoc. of Corporate Directors Annual Summit – What AI Means for Board Members

This is for board members who are non-technical and want to understand the implications of AI for board members and the companies they serve. If you’d like a copy of the presentation to watch alongside the video, let me know.

Best Articles/Podcasts I’ve Read/Listened to Recently

Harvard Business Review: It’s Time for a C-Level Role Dedicated to Reskilling Workers. This is especially important as AI starts to replace and change jobs. Companies should reskill as hiring the right talent will be difficult.

From the real star behind the movie Catch Me If You Can: How to Protect Your Money and Your Identity. Frank Abagnale is the guest on James Altucher’s podcast. Frank talks about the incredible sophistication of today’s scams and how to avoid them. 

Best Books I’ve Read Recently

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended On It.  From an FBI hostage negotiator, deep and compelling tips on how to get what you really want. I have read this book twice and listened to it as well. I learn something valuable each time.

Governance in the Digital Age: A Guide for the Modern Corporate Board Director. You know the world is changing and the way we need to interact with those very changes is changing. This book is for those who want to enhance their ability to govern, engage and create better results in this digital world.

Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? The trap is set when a rising power challenges the existing most powerful nation. This book looks at history to pose the real challenges that exist between the U.S. and China, including the threat of conventional war.

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