What is CEO Coaching and What Does a CEO Coach Do?

If you don’t have a CEO Coach now, you may ask yourself what a CEO Coach is. What do we really do? 

A Story of a CEO Learning Their Value

Let’s start with a story about my experience. I was a CEO for 25 years. I had a CEO Coach for 17 years. It took me a while to recognize that I could benefit from a CEO Coaching relationship, but once I understood the value, I never gave it up.

As a CEO, I was frustrated. I saw that I wasn’t growing the company as fast as I wanted to. I was working too hard for too little in return. 

The problem was that I was staring at the bark of a tree all day long (trying to run a successful company) when I needed someone to tell me they weren’t even sure it was the right tree in the forest (I was focusing on the wrong things.)

My CEO Coach started by focusing on me. Once I understood that I would improve the company by improving myself, I started looking internally, and that made all the difference. 

The beauty of the CEO role is that everything emanates from the CEO. All successes are due to the efforts of the CEO. And all failures lie at the fault of the CEO. If your CEO Coach helps you understand this great truth, that alone will accelerate your success.

The CEO is the most significant point of leverage in a company’s success. If the CEO can improve their own performance, then their company will perform at a higher level. 

A great CEO Coach will help you improve your company’s performance by helping you achieve peak performance yourself. But that’s not all.

A CEO Coach Assists with Operational Needs

Sometimes a CEO needs other kinds of advice and counsel. Sometimes the CEO needs to get down in the weeds on operational issues. A great CEO Coach will go with you wherever you need them the most.

It helps that I was a CEO for 25 years. It helps that I was in venture capital for five years, coaching the CEOs of startups. I can tell when we need to work on the person and when we need to work on a critical operational issue.

Let’s say you need to determine if you’re going to acquire a company or not. I will help you examine all the issues to make a great decision. I will bring in other experts when it makes sense to do so. 

A great CEO Coach encourages the CEO to leverage all relevant resources. They want you to reach out to others. They want you to get expert advice, and they will help you get it. But that’s not all.

A CEO Coach Can Assist with Decision Making

Let’s say you’re trying to decide whether or not to keep a vital team member. I’ll help you take the right course of action. I’ll help you determine the likelihood of that person’s success. I’ll help you develop a plan of action if you want to invest in them. I’ll often help you accelerate the decision to terminate them (as CEOs usually take too long to do this.) But that’s not all. 

I’ll also help you understand how we got to a place where you have a person on the team you want to terminate. We’ll go deep on the issues so we can learn from the experience, change the root behavior that enabled this to happen, and reduce the odds of this happening in the future.

It could be in your organizational design, the recruiting process, or how you managed the person. My job is to help you understand what you need to change to become better. But that’s not all.

A CEO Coach Can Aid with Personal Issues 

Sometimes the issue is a personal one, and it makes sense to address the personal issue. A CEO who has a poor personal life is not going to achieve peak performance at work. They will be carrying thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that don’t serve them well as a CEO.

I have had CEOs tell me they have no friends. They have revealed a sadness that results from being a workaholic and not living a balanced life. In this situation, they come to work less motivated and less focused than they could be. They are missing something important in their life, which weighs on them.

Together, the CEO and I will work on any personal issues that are not enabling them to achieve the peak performance they seek.

A great CEO Coach will help you at the moment with whatever issue arises, and they will drive to the core issues that create lasting change. 

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